An amazing lunch at The Lakeside Mill Restaurant!


A friend and I dined at The Lakeside Mill Restaurant in Pakenham on Sunday.  We went there because we both knew the Pastry Chef, an ex-student of ours who is so talented.  The picture of the dessert featured here  is her creation and it was simply stunning and so very delicious!

The restaurant takes pride in sourcing local seasonal produce for their menu.  Our shared lunch clearly reflected this.  We had a marinated slow-cooked lamb shoulder served with lovely spring vegetables in the roast’s jus.  There were two sides accompanying this roast: one was a beautiful caramelized roast pumpkin with yogurt and candied pumpkin seeds, and the other was a lightly dressed salad of lettuce with walnuts, pears and shaved Parmesan.


Next came the dessert……

This dessert is so exquisite and intricate at the same time. It has so many layers, once you have a bit of each on a spoon – it was simply divine!  Lets start off with the bottom layer which was a creamy smooth subtle flavoured camomile cheesecake, topped with crunchy ginger crumbles.  Then, there were fresh blackberries dotted on top of the crumble and cheesecake which was accompanied by richly purple coloured fresh blackberries sorbet. Finally, some pieces of super thin milk wafers with a subtle hint of local honey dressed this amazing dessert.



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